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The cost of an international family lawyer varies depending on their expertise, location, your case's timeline, and the law firm's size. Generally, you want an attorney you can realistically afford with enough expertise to handle your case efficiently.

There are many steps you can take to protect your individual funds during and after a divorce. Some of the things you can do are move your finances from a joint account to a personal bank account, partition debts, claim overseas properties, and conduct a cash flow analysis.

Consulting with an experienced international family law attorney can help you preserve your assets and minimize financial loss during a divorce.

Under normal circumstances, both parties will share the cost of family court in Australia. However, there are rare occasions when the family court appoints the entirety of court expenses to a specific party. This is referred to as indemnity cost.

The indemnity cost will usually include the cost of legal proceedings, the attorney's service fee, the counselling fee, and the cost of an enforcement warrant.

Hiring an experienced family lawyer is crucial to avoid this situation. Your lawyer can help you find the best way to deal with your situation and avoid unnecessary expenses.

Because of the 1980 Hague Convention, it's illegal to move your child without the other spouse's consent. If you cannot obtain permission from your former partner, you can file a court order allowing you to take your child with you.

If you choose to move without consent from your former spouse or court order, the other parent can take legal action against you and recover the child from your custody.

Yes. It's virtually possible to get a divorce without the other party's signature through a sole application. However, you are legally required to serve the divorce papers to your spouse if you choose to do it this way.

Depending on where your spouse is residing, the statute of limitations in serving divorce papers varies. You have at least 28 days before the court hearing to serve the divorce papers to your spouse if they are living in Australia. If they live overseas, you must serve the documents at least 42 days before the court hearing.

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Dealing with cases concerning international family law is sensitive; one wrong decision and everything could go awry. Securing the legal assistance of experienced international family lawyers familiar with your specific case is crucial.

When working with Justice Family Lawyers, you’re not only working with one lawyer. You’re collaborating with the expertise of all the competent international family attorneys in our firm. We’ll work with you and devise the best legal strategy to ensure you get the upper hand.

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